Available Settings

rapidsms-decisiontree-app has a few settings available for configuring the behaviour.


Default: False

If enabled this will periodically send emails based on the response tags and the TagNotification configurations. This requires the rapidsms.contrib.scheduler app.


Default: end

This configures a keyword which the users can use to end their question session. This functionality can be disabled by making this setting None.


Default: 300

This is the time in seconds to wait between questions before the user is asked the question again or the question session is abandoned. Using this setting requires the threadless-router and django-celery. You must enable this task in your CELERYBEAT_SCHEDULE in your project settings

from celery.schedules import crontab

    # Other periodic tasks included here
    "decisiontree-tick": {
        "task": "decisiontree.tasks.PeriodicTask",
        # How often to check sessions for timeout
        "schedule": crontab(),  # every minute